UK charity seeks staff for ‘remote but hectic’ Antarctic base


A UK charity is looking for a team to work in a “remote but hectic” Antarctic base for five months from November. 

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, which works to promote greater public engagement with the continent, wants to find about five people who will live and work at the historic base of Port Lockroy. 

The site, which welcomes about 18,000 visitors a year, has no running water or flushing toilets and only limited power and heating. 

The charity is looking for a base leader, shop manager and general assistants for the roles, which require “hard work, resilience and dedication”. 

The job information says: “There are no shower facilities at Port Lockroy, so staff are expected to be comfortable living with these limited washing facilities, yet still keeping hygiene levels high.

“Visiting ships will offer showers approximately once per week, but when weather conditions are poor you could go up to two weeks without visitors or a shower.”

Staff share the cooking duties using dried and tinned food shipped from the UK, occasionally supplemented by fresh food donated from visiting ships.

It says the role is “remote but hectic”, with hundreds of visitors arriving at the base almost every day of the season. 

“Although the surroundings are truly spectacular, the workload is large and exhausting and there is very little free time to relax or switch off,” the job information says.

“Port Lockroy is in a remote and potentially dangerous place,” the job information also warns. 

“Unfortunately, we are unable to permit any adventurous recreational activity – sorry, no skiing, watersports, glacier walking etc.”

It says the base is located on Goudier Island, which is the “size of a football pitch” and surrounded by the sea.

“Due to the rocky/snowy terrain, it is not possible to go for a run or take a long walk if you need time on your own. 

“Exercise options are very limited, but the role is busy and physical and most team members don’t have the time or inclination for additional exercise.”

Those hoping to spend the evenings watching films on streaming services will be disappointed because the site has limited internet access and no mobile phone reception. 

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