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So you finally found out about Lume’s revolutionary products and now you’re wondering what’s the best Lume scent. From toasted coconut to lavender sage, they offer a few tantalizing fragrance combinations, but not all of them pack quite the same punch. Ultimately, the best lume scent for guys smells fresh, prevents odor, and lingers on the skin. But first, let’s dig into the magic behind Lume, a brand that I simply can’t get enough of.

Lume, pronounced (loo-mee) is the first “whole body deodorant” of its kind. Created by OB/GYN Shannon Klingman, MD, it works for “pits, privates, and beyond.” Essentially, anywhere sweat gathers, be it behind the knees, underneath your tummy, or even in your crack. And Lume works to prevent odor for up to 72 hours.

Product variations include a solid stick, cream stick, and cream tube (they have soaps and body washes, too). All of them are super clean, meaning they’re aluminum-free, baking soda-free, paraben and phthalate-free, and of course, cruelty-free. Natural ingredients like mandelic acid, aloe leaf juice, tapioca starch, and arrowroot powder control odor and sweat. But how?

How It Works 

As the dog days of summer draw near, things like sweat and body odor become real issues. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop the stink from forming in the first place? Most deodorants actually work backward when you think about it, playing catch up to cover up bad odor. Lume, on the other hand, prevents it from ever forming in the first place.

When bacteria that live on our skin encounter sweat, it produces a stinky compound that results in body odor. Unlike regular deodorants or even other natural brands, Lume deodorants are pH optimized to block the odor before it starts. It treats the bacteria by working with your body chemistry to prevent the reaction that causes odor.

It’s worth noting that while Lume absolutely works at preventing unwanted bodily stink, it does need a clean slate to work, so to speak. Because it needs to be applied before the odor sets in, it’s best when rubbed on after a shower or bath.

Now that you understand how Lume prevents odor from forming on all parts of the body, let’s take a look at the top 6 best Lume scents your money can buy.

Key Takeaways 

The best Lume scent is Lavender Sage because it’s clean and rich with a strong smell that doesn’t fade over time. For a more masculine option that is crisp and fresh, turn to Fresh Alpine, or even the more citrusy fresh Tangerine.

Our Top Picks

Different Types of lume deodorant
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Lume Lavender Sage

There are two reasons why I think Lavender Sage is the best Lume scent: it smells strong and it doesn’t fade. When I first got a hold of this solid stick, I thought sage and lavender were a unique pairing. You just don’t see it that often. But together, it’s a rich and earthy combination with a delightfully herbaceous smell that is truly as delicious for men as it is for women.

While you can purchase this scent in either the stick or tube lotion form, I tried the stick variation and found it worked very well—even on the bottoms of the feet.

As for sillage, a phrase used for the scent trail of perfume, I found that it was the most long-lasting and didn’t seem to fade as the hours went by. At first sniff, this scent was the strongest. And my favorite.

Type: Solid Stick | Scent: Lavender Sage | Size: 2.6oz

Lume Fresh Alpine

Where Lavender Sage is rich, fresh Alpine is nice and crisp. As one might guess, it has a clean, masculine scent with a touch of spicy pepper and juicy bergamot. It too has an earthy vibe but in a fresh forest kind of way. It’s more akin to a long walk in the Pacific Northwest woods. Delightful.

If you’re at all familiar with Lume, then you might have heard about Silver Spruce, which has a similar scent profile. Fresh Alpine is the more updated version and lasts just about as long as the Lavender Sage.

Type: Solid Stick | Scent: Fresh Alpine | Size: 2.6oz

Lume Tangerine

I almost let Tangerine take the top spot for best Lume scent, but once I took into account that some people enjoy showering before a night out, I thought citrus was best suited to daytime use.

Deliciously botanical and undoubtedly invigorating, Tangerine is great after a morning shower to start your day. It’s ideal for summer but perfectly suited to cooler months, thanks to the vibrant hit of citrus.

While it is certainly potent, it does fade a little quicker than I would like. That being said, it definitely works for at least two full days at preventing odor. I like the cream tube because it’s a fresh scent that works well on all parts of the body.

Type: Cream | Scent: Tangerine | Size: 3oz

Lume Minted Cucumber

Here’s a brand new scent that I found so delightfully fresh you could wear it every day. I also feel like it works on all parts of the body, although the cool mint does provide an oddly cooling sensation on the nether regions. It reminds me of the time I used tingling tea tree oil body wash down there…

Anyways, this best smelling Lume scent is like a soothing day at the spa, with cucumber aloe infused with brisk mint. As one might guess, it’s refreshing in Spring and Summer. Available in both the stick and cream tube versions.

Type: Cream | Scent: Minted Cucumber | Size: 3oz

Lume Toasted Coconut

With a sweet splash of vanilla, Toasted Coconut is one of the best Lume scents. Just by name alone, I assumed it would smell too strong and slightly synthetic, like cheap sunscreen at the beach, but it’s pretty much the opposite.

It’s warming, comforting, and while it is coconut-y for Summer, it’s mild enough to work in all seasons. It comes in both stick and cream form and feels super clean and fresh on all parts of the body. Light, approachable, and definitely long-lasting.

Type: Cream Stick | Scent: Toasted Coconut | Size: 2.2oz

Lume Unscented

While it inherently lacks any scent, the Unscented is worth calling attention to. Because it’s devoid of any specific scent, it’s great for those with sensitive skin or people averse to smells in general. Because it’s neutral, it’s especially great for thigh chafing because you don’t have to worry about the scent spreading onto your clothes.

Both moisturizing and gentle, a nice unscented deodorant may be just the thing you need to rub all over your body to prevent sweaty odor. It’s also great if you sweat in a lot of different places frequently, and don’t want to overdo it on fragrance.

Type: Cream Stick | Scent: Unscented | Size: 2.2oz        

holding deodorants for underarms and private parts by lume
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What To Look For In The Best Lume Scents


The best Lume deodorant comes in three different forms, including solid stick, which is emollient-based for a smooth glide. The cream stick, which is water-based and swipes onto the skin or rubs in with your fingertips. Finally, Lume deodorant comes in a cream tube, which is great for larger parts of the body because it’s a water-based cream that rubs in like a typical lotion. They don’t have sprays, but they do have new deodorant wipes.

Body Part

While all types of Lume deodorant work on every part of the body, some are easier to wear and apply on certain parts than others. The cream tube is great for larger swaths of skin, like your back, or rubbing into your nether regions. The stick, be it cream or solid, is great for swiping on pits, underneath your tummy, and on the bottoms of your feet.

Is it long-lasting

Regardless of the best Lume deodorant scent that you choose, all of them work at preventing odor for up to three days. But how long the actual scent lasts is unique to the fragrance. Lavender sage, toasted coconut, fresh alpine, and tangerine linger the longest on the skin.

Lavender Sage scent deodorant by Lume
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Final Verdict 

The best Lume scent should be clean, fresh, and last a long time, like Lavender Sage. It’s a unique pairing with a deliciously rich and earthy profile that’s strong and doesn’t fade. It’s a great starting point if you’re new to the Lume world.


    • Lume deodorant is pH optimized to prevent the bacterial reaction that causes odor in the first place. It keeps body odor from forming, but it doesn’t prevent sweat.

      • Because it’s aluminum-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and devoid of baking soda, Lume is absolutely safe. To get the full benefits, apply it directly to anywhere on your body that accumulates sweat right after hopping out of the shower.

        • While any of the scents on this list are great for men, the best Lume scent for men is either Lavender Sage or masculine Fresh Alpine. This is heavily dependent on your smell preferences, though.

          • Lavender Sage was the first scent offered by Lume. Today, you can choose from eight different scents, including unscented.

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