The Rookie Season 5 Episode 17 Spoilers: Elijah and Abril Return!


An action-packed Valentine’s themed episode had us break away from regular events on The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16.

Before the episode, The Rookie Season 5 Episode 15 saw Lopez lay down an elaborate trap to try and catch Elijah Stone once and for all but failed.

Celina requested Nolan to get her the file for her sister’s murder case, but Nolan was hesitant to let her see what was in the file as it was too graphic.

On The Rookie Season 5 Episode 17, we revisit the Elijah storyline and what happens to Celina after she sees the file.

Spoilers for the episode tease an action-packed hour with us at the edge of our seats.

Elijah and Abril are back!

It is pretty clear that Elijah and Abril are very bad people with no qualms about committing casual murder. Separately, each is a force to be reckoned with, but together, they are a tsunami.

Lopez laid an elaborate plan to try and catch Elijah in the wrong, but the plan failed in the last minutes when Elijah sensed that something was off. Later, he met with Abril, and they put two and two together and realized they had been played.

Both are proud people who think they are above everyone else, and it is a good guess that they didn’t take kindly to being played against each other.

Remember the saying an enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Each might not be the other person’s favorite, but a common goal reunites them.

Revenge is best served cold, and it’s poetic to do to someone the same thing they did you.

The LAPD learn that Elijah is orchestrating a large buy, and they decide to intervene. They go in guns blazing, but what meets them is something they could not have anticipated.

Taking out an entire police department would be impossible, even for someone as resourceful as Abril and Elijah. The only way to get to them is to lay a trap and take out as many LAPD officers as possible without exposing themselves.

All signs point to this drug buy being a ruse.

And since the LAPD is not made up of idiots, they must suspect as much, which is why they need someone with some knowledge about the workings of the Elijah organization.

Monica seems like the best bet since she appeared shaken upon learning that Elijah might kill her when he was done using her.

The LAPD enlists her help to try and figure out what Elijah and Abril are up to.

Knowing Monica, she might not go along with their plan that easily.

She knows how brutal Elijah can be to her enemies and values her attorney-client confidence too much to divulge anything to the cops.

Being in a fix because she can be charged as an accessory to a crime; if she knows anything criminal Elijah might do, she has to give them something.

She doesn’t have to speak the truth, though.

In the meantime, Abril is hunting anyone who betrayed her and seeking revenge on them.

Nolan and Celina reopen Celina’s sister’s case.

Her entire life, Celina had been working towards this. Getting into the LAPD and finally figuring out what happened to her sister.

Her sister’s death wrecked her entire family. Her mother never leaves the house for fear that the killer might still lurk around.

Celina relies heavily on her instincts, and something tells her there is something off about this case.

She might just be right because she and Nolan reopen the case, and they discover a discrepancy that has them following new leads.

It is unclear what that discrepancy is, but judging by the gender and race of the victim, police incompetence is the first thing that comes to mind.

Another crossover.

We anticipated a crossover event on The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16, but that didn’t happen.

This time, however, a crossover has been confirmed. Elijah and Abril are a lot for the LAPD alone, so they enlist the help of the FBI.

This crossover event is teased to be big, with virtually every character from both shows appearing in the episode.

Garza leads his team during a bust, but things go differently than planned when something bad happens. Simone comes from another room with sadness written all over her face. The best guess is that someone dies.

Trouble might be in paradise because Tim and Lucy are going something.

First of all, Tim learned that Lucy orchestrated the move from court liaison to metro. And while he wasn’t angry with how things turned out, he was concerned about what others might think of him when his girlfriend does things for him without his knowledge.

Lucy was also exploring options for undercover work, and Tim seemed concerned about what that meant for them.

They learned that UC work could be strenuous for relationships.

Nolan and Bailey’s wedding is coming up, so we expect an update on where things are currently.

Nyla invited her mother-in-law to her house, so it will be interesting if that happens.

Check out the promo below.

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