11 Punny Mugs for Language Lovers


Are you a pun lover or are you a grinch? I am the first, and even if it is a groaner —like the worst imaginable pun possible — I am still going to appreciate it because of the way language can tell several stories at one time. It should come as little surprise then that one of my all-time favorite mugs to sip my daily tea from is one that comes with a pun. It features a black cat leaning on a stack of books and says “Cool Story, Poe” (referencing Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Black Cat”). Every time I see the mug, I smile.

In an era where things continue to be heavy, sometimes it is those small moments that can bring cheer. For word lovers, that delightful play of language, imagery, and humor present in puns may just do the trick.

A couple of years ago, I pulled together a fun roundup of punny enamel pins. Now, let’s take a look at some punny mugs, perfect for sipping your tea, coffee, or other beverages of choice.

And before some of you get pedantic, know some of these aren’t perfect puns. They’re fun word plays close enough to puns that I felt like including them.

White mug held in white hands. The mug reads "bad puns: that's how eye roll."

Has all of this made your eyes roll? Then I’ve found the pun mug for you. $16 and up.

White mug on a purple background. The mug features several foods, including cookies, pancakes, and milk, with assorted affirmation puns related to them, such as "I am a tough cookie."

If morning (or afternoon or evening) affirmations are your thing, why not get a little laughter in with them? This food pun affirmation mug is fun. $17.

Image of a black mug. It has green text that says "I love you so matcha," with an image of two cups of matcha underneath a heart.

Look how cute those lil cups of matcha are! You can grab this sweet pun mug in black or in white. $14 and up.

Image of a white mug. It features a tuxedo cat and a martini glass. Beneath the image it reads "the great catsby."

I would like to read this purrfect tail, wouldn’t you? Look at this distinguished gentleman! $14.

Image of a white mug in front of garland. It has a green t-rex on it, with a red mug of tea. Beneath the dino it reads "tea-rex."

I’m obsessed with this little tea-rex friend. We would have so much to talk about over some earl gray or a cup of chai. $14 and up.

Image of a dark blue mug. It reads "obi-wan cannoli" and features the star wars character imagined as a cannoli.

Speaking of cheese, this punny mug is for all of the Star Wars and Italian dessert fans out there. $16.

Image of two sides of a white mug. It has several breakfast foods on it, with the words "a brunch of puns." The food images have puns in text, such as "olive you a waffle lot" and "not a hole lot."

If there ever were the perfect punny mug for fans of brunch, it would be this brunch of puns. $22.

Image of a white camping style mug. It has an image of Edgar Allan Poe and says "Poe me another cup."

There are an awful lot of good Edgar Allan Poe puns to be made, and choosing which mug to include was not easy. But I like the camping mug style here and the message that you can always Poe another cup. $18 and up.

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