Improving Tax Literacy: Tax Advisor Karla Dennis Launches a New Exciting Tax Training Program


Tax literacy is one of the most important, and perhaps the most underestimated, requirements for running a successful business. Karla Dennis believes that tax illiteracy is one of the biggest reasons for failures in the business world. As the CEO of Karla Dennis and Associates, Inc., Karla Dennis has incredible experience as both a tax advisor and businesswoman. She argues that most individuals and business owners do not understand the tax system. They are following a script that was written for them, not realizing they can actually change the script. She believes that tax literacy should be part of the curriculum, and children must be taught about tax and related issues from 3rd or 4th grade onward.

Karla believes that education is a massive barrier to tax literacy in America. The same, she argues, is the case with most of the rest of the world. Financial literacy is rarely part of the curriculum. Most Americans lack an adequate understanding of how taxes work. We are taught our Miranda rights yet do not know about the taxpayer bill of rights, she says. Most people do not even know that governments and countries run on the taxes that are collected from people. Most people, she says, do not know there are two tax systems in America: one for the W-2 wage earner and one for the business owner. Startup businesses have no idea that they would deal with a plethora of tax write-offs when launching. The reason behind all of this is that tax literacy is underrated in terms of its importance.

Karla is very much concerned about the state of tax literacy. That’s why she launched the Tax Reduction Strategy Program on July 4, 2022, which is a course to educate everyday hardworking Americans on understanding the tax system and what they can do to lower their tax bill and get into the tax system for the wealth. She chose to launch it on July 4, 2022, Independence Day, because she wants everyone to declare their independence from needing other people to understand what they need to do to reduce their tax liability. Karla encourages people to be in charge of their own destiny and call their own shots.

Karla believes and hopes this will change people’s thought processes regarding money and taxes. This program is going to dispel myths you had about taxes and make you realize that you really are in control of your financial world. It is going to stop making people fear the IRS and make them understand the practical purpose of the IRS and why it exists.

This program, Karla says, is for all hardworking people who feel like they work hard every day but need a bit more information on how they can improve their financial situation. It is for anyone who feels they are overpaying taxes, for all business owners, and for anyone who wonders why the rich stay rich. It is for anyone working a side hustle, for anyone who wants more for their family and themselves, and for anyone who works a W-2 job and needs a little extra cash. This program is going to be a game changer like the internet was to our world. So, join this training program, achieve tax freedom, and save thousands every year without fearing the IRS!

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