7 Bookstagrams to Follow If You Love Eating as Much as (or Almost as Much as) Reading


Real talk: When I’m not looking up travel photos or doing some serious creeping on the people who I went to high school with (we all do it, fess up), I’m scouring Instagram for food. Whether it be recipes, #FoodPorn, cheese pulls, or meal prep inspo, I stare at my screen salivating and envious at whomever posted the photo. The only photos I look up more frequently are of books, at which I also stare at enviously while salivating (kidding…kind of). I have an entire Bookstagram dedicated exclusively to following other Bookstagrammers so that I have endless amounts of recommendations at my fingertips. It’s a super helpful tactic for when I need to find my next read and I don’t know where to start.

But in an ideal world, I could combine my obsession with reading with my love of food. I really appreciate when people post pictures of food—especially homemade food—with a little description of the recipe or the significance behind the dish. It makes the cooking experience and process much more personal. I feel the same about books: Bookstagrammers who give an opinion or background on what they’re reading and why always draw me in. That’s why I absolutely love these 7 Bookstagram accounts! If you’re like me and want to get food inspo at the same time as your reading inspo, these 7 accounts will help. Just try not to lick your screen in the process.

1. @pieladybooks

I would be surprised if you haven’t already seen this all over Bookstagram. Each book is paired with a gorgeous pie handmade by Steph, owner of @pieladybooks, and they’re gluten free. She also gives lovely, detailed descriptions and reviews of each book she reads to help you find one you want to dig into.

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🍂BOOK REVIEW🍂 “There is always a way out of a situation. Might be ugly. Might leave you feeling like the earth had gone and shifted under your feet. But there is always a way around.” ~Jojo Moyes, The Giver of Stars🍂 . EVERYBODY STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING AND READ THIS BOOK!! I promise you won’t regret it. The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes is the unforgettable story of a group of women that become the Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky. The women are all vastly different, but the way they come together to protect each other and serve their community is incredible.🍂 . As you can probably tell, I LOVED this story. Absolutely loved it. I was immediately drawn into the beautiful descriptions of the Kentucky mountains, and by each unique character fighting to break free of the traditional expectations set upon women and create a life for themselves. I loved the lengths with which they would go to deliver books to their community, and the incredible life-changing impact that we all know that books have. The story primarily revolves around Alice, a British women brought to Kentucky by her new husband who quickly discovers the marriage to not be all she thought it would be; and Margery, a bit of an outcast from town, but the feisty leader of the Packhorse Librarians, and a women not afraid to live by her own rules. Together Margery and Alice discover what it means to truly fight for the life you want to live, and how far the bonds of friendship can sustain us.🍂 . I loved all the beautiful romances throughout the story, and the ways that each relationship developed. The second half of the book completely took me by surprise with the new plot lines that were introduced, and by the end I found myself crying with a smile on my face. That ending was SO moving. I wish this review could truly do justice to this incredible story, but I honestly can’t. The Giver of Stars quickly became one of my favorite reads of the year, and one of my favorite stories of all time. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone read or listen to it. (The audiobook is PHENOMENAL by the way…I mean, it’s Julia Whelan…need I say more?!) 5/5⭐️’s.🍂 @reesesbookclub @jojomoyesofficial

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2. @storybookcook

I love this account because it features children’s literature, which I never see enough of on my feed! The @storybookcook gives a summary of her current read and a little explanation behind her baked good of the day. Her photos are always colorful and full of life and stand out from the rest on my feed.

3. @cozy.caffeinated.moments

This account really delivers on its promise: one look at this profile and you’ll want to find the nearest tiny, low-lit café and curl up with a book all day. I love that Maryam starts each post with a quote from the book she’s reading, because most of the time that’s all it takes to convince me to pick it up, and if that doesn’t, her rating system helps as well.

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“I’ve spent every minute of these past months trying to figure out why I feel the things I feel, and if there’s a way to put that into words, I won’t find it. I am who I am. I’ve never acted on less than that, and I never want to.” * * Happy Saturday ☕️ I’m still in a terrible reading slump, and I’m not reading anything at the moment, but I just thought of posting a book review about Deposing Nathan, which I read 3 months ago. The story is about a boy named Nathan, whose life takes an unexpected turn, when he befriends Cam, who’s the new boy in school. This book was so painful to read at times. The writing was so emotional, and it hit me right in the gut. The story starts from the end, and somehow it wasn’t confusing at all. The relationship between the two characters was complex, and challenging. Cam made Nathan step out of his comfort zone, and Nathan felt free and understood for the first time in his life. The ending was incredibly sad, and it made me cry so much. 😭 Overall, the story tackles important and heavy issues like physical and emotional abuse, self identity, child abuse, and toxic relationships. It’s one of my favorite reads this year, and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna stay with me for a while. I really can’t give this book enough stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ * * #betterreadschallenge 207/365 📚

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4. @books_details

For those of you who read in Italian (or who have a desire to learn!) this Bookstagram is perfect for you. Giulia features tons of homemade goodies and gives a little history behind each dish here and there.

5. @books_baking_brews

This is the ideal image of breakfast goals—but really, I now need every serving tray that @books_baking_brews uses. I also love that this Bookstagrammer poses a question of the day to really get involved with her followers.

6. @becquebooks

I started to follow this Bookstagram because of its pure simplicity. Every photo features a great shot of a beautiful book cover posed artfully next to some kind of small and delicious treat. It’s super helpful that this Bookstagrammer reads across many genres too because it’s easy to find a recommendation no matter your book preferences!

7. @booksontheside

Books? Check. Color coordination? Check. A delicious looking snack? Check. The most adorable dog in the world? Check. There’s nothing left to say about how amazing this Bookstagram is—go scroll through the feed and see for yourself.

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