It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Lethal Weapon 6 Story Breakdown


Here’s a breakdown of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Lethal Weapon 6. The original Lethal Weapon arrived in 1987 and starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as two mismatched partners investigating a murder that puts them on the trail of vicious drug dealers. The chemistry between Glover and Gibson combined with the witty script and fast-moving action made it a runaway success. Lethal Weapon 2 quickly followed in 1989, which toned down the darker edges of the original while keeping the same blend of quips and action.

The success of Lethal Weapon also led to an upswing in action/buddy comedies, such as Tango & Cash and Red Heat. The final two Lethal Weapon sequels were considered inferior to the original movies, but while reports persist of a fifth and final entry with Gibson and Glover it has yet to move ahead. The franchise also arrived on TV in 2016, with Clayne Crawford (24) and Damon Wayans taking over as Riggs and Murtaugh. Against all the odds, the show proved to be a success, though it was later revealed Wayans and Crawford had a fraught working relationship. The latter was eventually fired following season 2, with Seann William Scott taking over as Murtaugh’s new partner, though Lethal Weapon was cancelled following season 3.

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While an actual Lethal Weapon 5 is unlikely, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia brought Riggs and Murtaugh back for their very own amateur Lethal Weapon 5 in season 6’s “Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth.” Their film was a tasteless mess of inept filmmaking, hideous racial stereotypes – with Mac even playing Murtaugh in blackface – and a sex scene featuring Frank Reynolds’ villain Lazarus that sears the eyeballs. Of course, it was also hilarious with the episode being considered one of the show’s best. That’s why It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia returned to the well for season 9’s aptly titled “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6.”


its always sunny charlie lethal weapon 6

It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia’s Lethal Weapon 6 features the resurrection of Frank’s Lazarus, who swears revenge on Riggs (Dennis) and Murtaugh (Mac) after they foiled him in the previous adventure. The partner’s relationship is strained once the movie begins because Riggs is marrying Rianne (Dee), Murtaugh’s daughter. Murtaugh eventually comes to the ceremony to give them his blessing – after Riggs delivers his vows via sax solo – only for Lazarus to kill Rianne in an explosion. Murtaugh comes out of retirement to seek revenge and stop Lazarus’ plan to flood L.A. in a ceremonial rain dance.


Following a very Top Gun inspired volleyball scene, Dennis takes over as Murtaugh while Mac plays Riggs for the rest of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Lethal Weapon 6. Following a strange visit to a strip club, Riggs and Murtaugh find Lazarus and his creepy blond henchman (Charlie) in an umbrella factory, and following an “intense” shootout, kill him by dumping him into a vat. They then force the shaman woman who resurrected Chief Lazarus to bring back Rianne so she can marry Riggs, and kill the shaman offscreen so she can’t bring Lazarus back again.

Like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s take on Lethal Weapon 5, their Lethal Weapon 6 is full of odd continuity errors, obvious stuntmen, and the gang’s personal quirks. This includes Mac overexplaining every little plot detail and Frank’s insistence on another bleak sex scene. Time will tell if the show rounds off the trilogy with Lethal Weapon 7 and if Chief Lazarus will return once more.


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