Top Adventure Activities in South America


If you’re looking for adventure and activities to unwind, South America has abundant, exciting options. Spanning over nine beautiful countries, you cannot exhaust what the continent offers.

First, it is notable for the vast Amazon forest, which is a beauty shared by several countries. But apart from the Amazon, each South American country is distinctively beautiful. Irrespective of your landing point, you’ll find nature beckoning for exploration.

In your tour, you’ll come across many exciting things to do in South America. But the next adventure packed activities dominate the rest.

Hike and Explore the Machu Picchu

Every year, more than a million people take the daunting Inca trail, at Cunca, Peru. It features a distinguished sanctuary, and it is a UNESCO heritage site. You’ll start the hike at Piscacucho, trek for over 80 kilometers, before reaching the Sun gate at Machu Picchu. With breathtaking picturesque sceneries, daunting steep slopes, ancient terraces, and stunning archaeological sites, you can’t think of anything as exciting and exhaustive.

Skydiving in Sao Paulo

At Boituva, Sao Paulo, you’ll find plenty of Skydiving services. Known as the capital of national sky diving, Boituva is a fun-filled haven. If you fear heights, rock Boituva right off the bat. You’ll take free falls from heights of up to 12,000 meters. With beautiful landscapes and well-selected landing points, there is no reason you should not try Boituva skydiving. Apart from skydiving, you can take air balloon rides, and explore every scene of the gorgeous Sao Paulo.

Climb the Aconcagua Mountain

Ready to test your resilience? The Aconcagua Mountain awaits in Western Argentina. Being the highest mountain in the Andes, Aconcagua is the most challenging mountain climb in South America. Known for an easier trek than other mountains, anyone can climb it. But its daunting nature, means few people complete the trek to the top.

SnowBoarding in the Slopes of Portillo

Discover Portillo slopes, a place with activities that will sail you to the extremes of adventure. Once listed by Forbes, as a top 10 skiing zone, Portillo has everything an adventurer can imagine. With hundreds of skiing and snowboarding slopes, no place can rival it. In Chile, Portillo offers a world-class experience. There are no towns, villages, or distractive infrastructure in Portillo, making it an exclusive joint for unlimited fun.

Mountain Biking Across the Death Road

If you have tried everything adventurous, cap your escapades by taking a mountain bike in the world’s most dangerous road in La Paz, Bolivia. The 6o km road winds around the cliff-hanging slopes of Yungas forest. Tourists troop Bolivia for biking adventures in the risky route. 

Scuba Diving

The marine life is amazing on the Galapagos islands and scuba diving is a popular pastime that you should partake especially since clear waters make it great for viewing. If you need a better reason to go scuba diving, then maybe diving with whale sharks will grab your attention. One of the must-see attractions in Galapagos Islands, whale sharks are found year-round.

Charles Darwin Research Station

Scientists and science enthusiasts will be well sated by this research station in the Galapagos islands. It chronicles Darwin’s observations as well as how his work continues to be advanced on these islands. The research also outlines the work being done in the preservation of the many species that are unique to the Galapagos islands.

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