Reasons To Consider Buying Your Man An Intimate Toy

Humans are extremely sexual beings by default, that’s no real surprise. Of course, there are many different ways human beings choose to satisfy their sexual urges for some much needed relief. Some people can get by with racy novels, others prefer more visceral forms of sexual entertainment, and some just like a good old fashioned wank. If you’re a woman trying to find a worthwhile gift for the man in your life, you might be surprised to know that a sex toy is actually a fantastic gift for any man who’s reached sexual maturity.

There’s tons of good reasons behind this line of thought, but I’ll go over a few of the main ones:

Improve His “Me Time”

Even in a relationship it is important to keep personal development as a large pursuit in life. Sometimes even the most sexually satisfied men like to take some time out for themselves to engage in a little bit of a self pleasure. A masturbation session requires little in the way of planning plus there’s no pressure on him to perform or act in any particular way. By giving him a sex toy such as a Fleshlight, you’re raising the pleasure ceiling he can enjoy during his private masturbation time. For example, if your partner has a favorite pornstar (which he likely does) you can get him a Fleshlight sleeve from the Fleshlight Girls line, which are male sex toys molded from real pornstars.

These toys are a big improvement on the old five finger special, that’s for certain. If you notice, most thoughtful gifts are just ways to help people enjoy things they already dedicate time to. Masturbation is an activity like any other, so why not give a gift that improves that experience?

Increase Your Intimacy Level

By giving your man a sex toy, you establish that you recognize him as a sexual being with needs that don’t necessarily always have to involve you directly. Few men can say their girlfriends have given them a personal sex toy, you’re sure to both surprise and delight him by showing that you understand him as a person. It also helps to break down taboos around discussing/acknowledging the role of sexuality within a relationship. When you give him a sex toy all of his inner desires are seen as normal which makes him a lot more likely to be willing to broach intimate and personal topics surrounding sex.

Improve His Health

I’m not going to say that masturbation is some magic cure-all for all of his woes, yet there are some benefits to using a sex toy versus doing things the old fashioned way. A sex toy applies a comfortable amount of pressure in a much more calculated and distributed manner than the hand. This means that over time the use of a sex toy will result in less desensitization of the penis plus a total avoidance of things like death grip (too tight a grip while masturbating) which can result in reduced sexual functioning. A sex toy also closer replicates the delicate feelings typical of sex. You could be inadvertently helping him master his pleasure levels as well as his sexual stamina which can translate into him being more confident with his sexual ability. Indirectly you’ll benefit from the physical and mental benefits this brings to the bedroom.

Give Him Another Outlet For His Urges

There are times in a relationship where one party really isn’t that interested in going at it, and that’s okay. Given the amount of time you spend together, it’s only a matter of time before one of you has too much going on in a day to have to shoehorn sex into the mix too. By personally giving him a sex toy, you’re giving him permission to relieve himself of built up sexual tension even when you aren’t in the mood. As far as raw pragmatism goes, giving your boyfriend a sex toy is an A+ move.

Final Thoughts

If you need more tips before buying your man a sex toy, read this article which covers questions to ask yourself before buying a sex toy.

Those are four extremely pertinent reasons as to why a toy like a male masturbator can be an extremely thoughtful and worthwhile gift. It might seem strange at first, but the more you reflect on the matter, the more you’ll realize anything holding you back from choosing a sex toy specifically is mostly due to our societal views on sex as opposed to any real issue. You give each other gifts all the time, you share your sexualities together anyways, how does this break any “rules”? The bottom line is that you’ll only be helping bring yourselves closer together at the end of the day.

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