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The fan theory that Tarzan is the brother to Anna and Elsa is officially disproved in Frozen 2. As Disney’s animated library has grown, filmmakers and animators have routinely worked in Easter eggs to other properties. Moments like Rapunzel walking through Arendelle in Frozen is a great example of this, but some fans also concocted the belief that all of the Disney animated movies are tied together in some fashion. One aspect of this theory brought Frozen and Tarzan together by making Anna and Elsa’s parents Tarzan’s as well.

Anna and Elsa’s parents were last seen sailing through the ocean during a terrible storm and believed to have perished. But, fans began to theorize that instead of dying from the shipwreck that the parents could’ve survived the crash and washed up on the Congolese coast, just like Tarzan’s parents. The theory hypothesized that the mother was pregnant when they left Arendelle with a baby boy and noted the similarities in appearance between the parents in Tarzan and Frozen. This theory became incredibly popular in the six years following the release of the latter, and the marketing for Frozen 2 seemed to support it – but the movie itself officially makes it impossible.

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One of the many mysteries that Frozen 2 tackles are what actually happened to Anna and Elsa’s parents. The movie reveals that King Agnarr and Queen Iduna were making a trip up north to the source of Elsa’s powers. They didn’t make it to their destination, though, as the storm they sailed through did wreck their ship. The remains of the ship wash up to the shores of the Enchanted Forest and Elsa uses her powers to learn what really happened to her parents. They didn’t make it to a forest with their secret son, as the memory that water holds confirms that the king and queen died aboard their ship in the arms of one another.


As fun as the theory was, Frozen 2 definitively puts an end to the possibility of it being true by confirming the fates of the parents. There is simply no wiggle room for it to work. Even if the king and queen did survive somehow from the crash, there is no indication that Iduna was pregnant at this time or that they were traveling with a child. So, not only does the theory not work because the parents are confirmed to have died in the wreck, but also because it is impossible for Tarzan to be the long-lost brother of Anna and Elsa.

This isn’t the only theory connecting Frozen to other Disney animated movies that this moment kills though. Another aspect of this theory was that Agnarr and Iduna were traveling to Rapunzel’s wedding, which would strengthen the ties to Tangled, but that is proven to not be the case. Some fans also believed that the king and queen’s ship was the same one Ariel explores at the bottom of the ocean in The Little Mermaid, but the remains of it being found on the shores of the Enchanted Forest confirm that is not the case. So, fans hoping to connect Frozen and Frozen 2 to other Disney animated movies will need to craft some new theories now.


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