Finding the Right Cushion for Your Outdoor Furniture

A lot of thought and effort goes into furnishing your house. After you are done with choosing paint colors and the furniture style you want, it is time for the fun part; choosing the accessories and decorative pieces. By adding some colorful cushions and interesting artwork, your indoor space transforms from a house to a home. When it comes to outdoor furnishing though, there are other factors at play. It is not only a matter of choosing fun colors and designs; the materials from which your outdoor furniture and cushioning is made is extremely important. You do not want to go with flimsy fabrics; you have to keep in mind things like the weather and choose the cushions accordingly.

Below, you will find some tips on how to find the right cushion for your outdoor furniture:

  • Identify the Right Material

The first thing to consider is the weather conditions where you live. If you live in a rainy climate, you will want to find cushions made from water resistant materials to repel water drops. Also, be careful you don’t pick up cushions colored with water-soluble dyes as they are not made for the damp weather. On the other hand, if you live somewhere hot, some materials will be out of the question, like leather for example, instead opt for UV-resistant and cool fabrics that are fade resistant. Next, you need to think of durability. If you have kids or often play host to outdoor potlucks, you need to find cushions made from heavy-duty and enduring materials. The delicate ones, as pretty as they might be, won’t just make the cut. You will find yourself replacing them much sooner than you’d like.

  • Consider Different Sellers

You will probably be overwhelmed by the tons of options you will come across when trying to find the right cushions. Once you identify your needs, thanks to the fact that buying homewares online is simple now; you can access faraway international sellers at a click of a button. This will allow you to compare different price points. And you won’t need to be frustrated if you can’t find the exact shade of waterproof cushions that you are seeking. Just confirm that the seller ships to your country beforehand and that you are not spending a small fortune in delivery fees.

  • Stick to Your Theme

Even in the outdoor area, you want your home to have a somewhat coherent ambiance. For an added elegance, choose elements from your indoor decoration to incorporate in your outdoor furniture. If your home is all about modernity and edgy designs, look for outdoor cushions that reflect the same vibe. Avoid flowers and traditional designs and go for clean line patterns in matching colors.

  • Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Just because it’s for the outdoors, does not mean you can compromise on comfort. When the weather allows for it, your backyard will be where you spend most of your time at home and the main place you welcome guests. You will want to have some comfy cushions to be able to lounge and enjoy some downtime on the weekends.

  • Be Cost-Efficient

Cushions can completely alter the look of furniture. Choose quality cushions of course, but be smart about it since replacing the cushions is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade your outdoor furniture. Even if you are leaning towards a slightly overpriced set of cushions, follow the seller closely and find amazing deals to make the purchase during sales times and seasonal promotions.

  • Note Care Instructions

I am sure you can easily relate to unfortunate stain-cleaning incidents that usually end up causing permanent damage. Before you decide on the outdoor cushions you buy, make sure the cleaning instructions are clear and that it is something you can manage. Whether you will wash them in your washing machine at home or you will send them to the drycleaners, understand the needed care and decide afterwards if these cushions are right for you or not.

  • Think About Storage

When outdoor season is over or when you are going away for some time, you will need to pack your outdoor cushions and store them. The right cushions will be compact and preferably foldable so as not to take up a huge storage space that most houses nowadays can’t spare. Some cushions are also made from materials that tend to stick when folded for a long time; make sure you know the kind of cushions you are investing in to avoid such predicaments.

Your outdoor cushions will give a unique personality to your outdoor furniture, so, choose the right ones for the style you are after.

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