Latest ‘SNL’ pokes fun at the effect Trump’s impeachment is having on Americans

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All eyes were on the polarizing effect that United States President Donald Trump’s impeachment is having on Americans as the cast played family members sitting down for their Christmas dinners in this week’s Saturday Night Live cold open.

SNL‘s Aidy Bryant opened the show dressed up as a snow-woman, who encouraged Americans to try to keep it together during the holiday season.

“If we listened to some dinner conversations tonight, I bet we’d see we all have more in common than we realize,” said Bryant, who then admitted she’d hacked into their home-cameras.

Each Christmas dinner featured a family with a different view on Trump’s impeachment.

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One, in San Francisco, Calif., depicted a family all too excited about Trump’s possible impeachment.

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“I’m so happy everyone flew here for the holidays and I’m even more happy that they did it! They’re impeaching Trump!” said one of the actors.

Another, in Charleston, SC., complained that Trump’s only real crime was “being an alpha-male who gets things done,” and the last, in Atlanta, GA., that offered a glimpse into the lives of a more family concerned with whether Bad Boys III was going to be a good film, turning to politics to avoid a heated family conversation.

“I hate to say this but can we please talk about politics instead?” the fake son complained.

SNL cold open parodies relationships among major world leaders in ‘NATO cafeteria’

SNL cold open parodies relationships among major world leaders in ‘NATO cafeteria’

The opener also touched on the controversy surrounding the holiday hit song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’

“Alexa, play the politically correct version of Baby It’s Cold Outside,” said Bowen Yang, playing one of the family members from San Francisco.

The episode also had Twitter jokes.

“I tweeted a photo of Trump’s head on the body of the Charmin bear and he didn’t realize it was a joke and retweeted it,” said one.

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“I tweeted that Nancy Pelosi was a libtard commie and Trump retweeted it and he nominated me to be a federal judge,” said another.

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“Cory Booker just retweeted me and no one noticed!” said a third.

Bryant appeared back on screen to tell audiences about the importance of listening to a diverse range of opinions, but “Too bad they live in states where their votes don’t matter.”

Which people do matter? According to Bryant, about “1,000 people in Wisconsin who won’t even think about the election until the morning of,” which she touted as the “magic of the electoral college.”

Will Ferrell appears as Gordon Sondland next to Baldwin’s Trump in ‘SNL’ cold open

Will Ferrell appears as Gordon Sondland next to Baldwin’s Trump in ‘SNL’ cold open

Kate McKinnon jumped in as Greta Thunberg with a Christmas message:

McKinnon-as-Thunberg told the audience that the snow-woman talking to them all wouldn’t exist in ten years, warning everyone that “the ice caps will melt and the elves will drown.”

She also had a message for Trump:  “Step to me and I’ll come at you like a plastic straw comes at a turtle. I can’t believe I’m saying this to a 70-year-old man but grow up,” and then wished everyone a “Merry-maybe-our-last-Christmas to us all.”

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