Interview With Tim Wookey, Co-Founder Of Midnight Blue Coffee


Midnight Blue delivers a “luxury coffee experience like no other,” says the brand’s co-founder and foodie entrepreneur, Tim Wookey.

Tim is modest. The brand roasts Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, renowned for its exquisite taste that’s comparable to fine wine. James Bond hailed it as “the most delicious coffee in the world”. It’s among the rarest out there.

Interview With Tim Wookey, Co-Founder Of Midnight Blue Coffee 3

The beans are grown in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains and harvested in tiny batches where the altitude is high. It’s the cool, mountain mist and rich, volcanic soil that give the coffee its distinct flavour. A flavour, so unique and divine that Tim decided to dedicate his career to it.

And so, Midnight Blue was born.

Midnight Blue takes the concept of luxurious Blue Mountain coffee one step further by applying that same quality to its production and packaging. Midnight Blue takes great pride in bringing the beans to coffee lovers without comprising on taste. All coffee is sold in small, limited edition batches and packaged beautifully.

We met with Tim to chat about how he brought this unique concept to life — discussing the rewards and challenges of being a luxury business owner — gaining some insights for future foodie entrepreneurs.

Midnight Blue takes the concept of luxurious Blue Mountain coffee one step further

LM: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
TW: I have a degree in Product Design – my dissertation and final project was a coffee machine. I developed my career in the London marketing agency world with a focus on alcoholic drinks. I fell in love with the stories behind regional wines working with an Australian wine client so I started studying for my WSET Advanced Wine Certificate. I live in the New Forest with my family and love sailing and cycling.

LM: What made you decide to dedicate your career to coffee?
TW: I discovered that similar factors separating great wine from average wine apply to coffee. But the coffee sector seems terribly undervalued by comparison. I believe there is an opportunity to share the beautiful stories behind coffee to educate and inspire. We want to create more enjoyment in the cup and bring direct benefit to the coffee farmers.

Interview With Tim Wookey, Co-Founder Of Midnight Blue Coffee 4

LM: Tell us, what sets Midnight Blue apart from other coffee brands?
TW: We are focusing only on coffee grown in a tiny growing region – the Jamaica Blue Mountains. We are buying only fully certified coffee grown between 3,000 and 5,500 feet and delivered to us in wooden barrels. We roast limited edition roasts by hand in tiny batches to a roast profile that showcases the regional character. We pack into beautiful packs that look and feel as good as the coffee tastes.

Packs include hand-signed roast certificates, an elegant story booklet and a personalised card – perfect for gifting or special occasions. We searched for the best brewing kit that is now available on our website. We have created a luxurious coffee experience like none other.

LM: How did the concept of Midnight Blue come about?
TW: Our story started when my wife bought me some Jamaica Blue Mountain about nine years ago. I prepared it carefully, and the aroma, subtle flavours and silky-smooth body transported me away to a sublime place in my head. I discovered an enlightening experience that could be enjoyed any time of the day, making that moment a little more special. I wanted to tell the coffee’s story better while providing the reassurance of absolute authenticity and freshness.

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