Miami Street Art Cruising with BMW at Art Basel

As the Art Basel is taking place in the Sunshine State, BMW decided to take part. Not only BMW is an official partner of Art Basel in Miami Beach 2019, but it is also working together with artists as well. Along with artists Alexandre Arrechea and Spencer ‘MAR’ Guilburt, BMW is touring through the city decorated with endless world-famous murals. 

(Courtesy of: BMW Canada)

Art Basel is the art show held in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami Beach, which is bringing together all the significant work from around the globe. Paintings, sculptures, installations, films, and photographs — all of these and much more are showcased at the exhibition. But it’s a bit harder with murals that are almost everywhere and not always easy to find.

Murals, or large-format graffiti, are an integral part of street art. And as Miami is regarded as the center of Street Art, it makes perfect sense to showcase them as good as possible. That’s why BMW is accompanying with Arrechea and Guilburt on a discovery tour to the most remarkable examples of modern street art. 

(Courtesy of: BMW Canada)

BMW has been a long-standing global partner of the Art Basel art fair and is once again involved in Miami. This time, the artists will complete their Mural Tour in a vehicle that is also adding a visual touch to the streets. The elegant BMW M850i xDrive Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 10.2 – 10.0 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 231 – 228 g/km) is a superior example of advanced automotive engineering. One of its highlights is the perfect unobstructed view of the bright blue sky and the city’s facades embellished by artists. The open four-seater only takes 15 seconds to open or close the soft top. Additionally to that, BMW 8 Series also offers to enjoy driving pleasure in a luxury sports car. The luxurious interior, impressive sportiness of the drive and the advanced operating and networking technology will leave you just as charmed as the art on the streets of Miami. 

(Courtesy of: BMW Canada)

The Sonic Speed Blue metallic paintwork of the car highlights the generous design, while its racing-inspired V8 engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology and 390 kW/530 hp leave no doubts about the performance characteristics. 

(Courtesy of: BMW Canada)

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