Europcar Introduces £1 One Way Rental Over the Christmas Break


Rather than risking crowded and delayed journeys on public transport or a premium-priced taxi ride, motorists can hire a car from locations across the UK – all for just £1 One Way¹. And they have 24 hours and 550 miles to make the trip.

It’s a simple service that is excellent news for travellers – and it helps Europcar get vehicles back to where they’re needed. Transporting vehicles by truck is costly, so if Europcar’s customers can pick up and drop off the vehicle where it’s next needed, they get to use the car for up to 24 hours for just £1.

Motorists can hire a car from Europcar for just £1 One Way

Currently available until 5th January 2020, the hundreds of routes on offer include city centre locations as well as many of the major airports, making the service ideal for those escaping to holiday destinations abroad. Select the desired journey using the interactive map on the Europcar website. And all cars are economy size or above, so there is room for all the family, plus presents and luggage.

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“Our ‘£1 one way’ offer gives customers who want a car for just a day, a really great deal – in return we get our vehicles to the places they are needed without the financial and environmental cost of having to transport them by truck”,
explained Gary Smith, Managing Director, Europcar Mobility Group UK. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”
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¹What’s not included in Europcar the £1 Price?

  • Any optional extras added during the booking process or at the rental location, such as a child seat or GPS
  • Any additional protections added either during the booking process or at the rental location (see Insurance and Protection Terms and Conditions for more information). Any additional protections will be charged according to the applicable rate at the time they are added.
  • Re-fuelling costs. Europcar will provide the vehicle with a full tank, and this should be full when it’s returned. Otherwise, a fee will be applicable according to local Terms and Conditions of Hire.
  • Any tolls or fines incurred during the rental and any administrative charges linked to these fines.
  • Any repair costs from damage not covered by the protection subscribed and any administrative charges linked to those repairs.
  • Any miles driven outside the 550-mile allowance given with the booking.

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Luxurious Magazine luxury travel

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