Good Trouble Holiday Special Sneak Peek: A Moms Visit and a Proposal?!


A Fosters reunion is coming to Good Trouble!

If you’ve been missing The Fosters clan being all together again, then the Good Trouble two-hour holiday special will give you everything you’ve sought.

Throughout Good Trouble Season 1 and Good Trouble Season 2, various members of the Foster clan have dropped in and visited Callie and Mariana at The Coterie.

At one point, they teased that the family got together offscreen for dinner. Unfortunately, we have not seen the whole family together onscreen since The Fosters Season 5 Episode 22 .

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the big, lovable family spending the holidays together, though.

The Coterie will have to make room; The Fosters are on their way.

In the first sneak peek, Stef and Lena are in town and one their way to the Coterie.

They bicker as married couples tend to do about the traffic and how long it took them to get there.

From the sounds of, Lena followed the GPS too closely, and it led to the pair being stuck in traffic for a long time.

Lena is willing to take the blame for them arriving late to the Coterie, but Stef gets over it quickly. They’re so freaking adorable.

On their way into the elevator, they run into Kelly, the snarky Coterie member who keeps to herself and always has something rude or crazy to say.

She remembers Stef and Lena as “stoner moms” from the last time they visited and accidentally got high off of edible cookies.

Oh, Kelly. Leave it to you to give moms their first warm welcome.

The next sneak peek focuses on Callie and Jamie.

On Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8, Callie packed up her belongings and moved in with Jamie after finding out the horrible things her sister and the other Coterie women were saying about her behind her back.

The two of them living together must’ve been going well for Jamie.

He has an important question he wants to ask her, and he set up a nice picnic on the Coterie rooftop for the occasion.

Jamie is the king of refined and fancy, so it includes an expensive bottle of Champagne by candlelight.

It makes you wonder why he’s opted for The Coterie during the holidays. Does it mean Callie moved back in?

Anyway, just as he’s about to ask her something, Mariana interrupts.

She claims it’s an urgent family matter they have to tend to, but it also could be that she suspects what’s coming and is trying to save her commitmentphobe sister from a question she doesn’t have an answer to right now.

While the sisters head back inside, Jamie is disappointed he got interrupted and pulls out a ring box.


The Fosters aren’t the only ones who will be joining the Coterie. The Hunter family will accompany them, too.

Jamie’s uptight and reserved family clashed with the Fosters when Callie and Mariana’s brother, Brandon, got married to Jamie’s sister, Eliza.

I wonder if they get along any better now?

Alice has a secret she’s hiding from the Coterie, and we know secrets don’t last long there.

Mariana is putting together an event to serve the underprivileged, and she’ll enlist the help of her family and the Hunters.

All that sweet Davia and Dennis angst is coming up too when the two of them take a trip down memory lane and reopen old wounds.

The holiday season might be difficult for Gael and Jazmin since they both have been virtually disowned from the Martinez family.

Callie has to tell Stef and Lena about quitting the clerkship, and it should be interesting to see Jude reunite with Carter Hunter.

The last time they were together, Carter was in the closet about his sexuality.

The special two-hour Good Trouble holiday special airs December. 16 at 9/8c on Freeform.

You can watch Good Trouble online here via TV Fanatic. 

Jasmine Blu is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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