Parimatch global represents concept of responsible gaming

Parimatch is convinced that sport betting is a marvelous art of entertaining. Enjoying sports for fun and having the opportunity to earn money at the same time — what can be better? So, Parimatch does everything possible to make their services safe for any category of sport betting enthusiasts. How? The answer is simple: responsible gambling is in hand.

What is responsible gaming for Parimatch?

In simple words, Parimatch supports a range of policies to meet the standards of responsible gambling. This concept is aimed at achieving high-quality services offer and protecting customers in the best way possible.

Briefly, these measurements help Parimatch Global to provide the securest services in the industry:

Age verification — Parimatch is available in numerous countries of the world online, so anyone with access to the internet can play for fun. To avoid children’s encouraging in the process, age limit is implemented;

Protection of vulnerable sports betting enthusiasts — To protect this category of customers, Parimatch offers the ability to limit the account’s opportunities. For instance, a customer can set a limit on the time spent in the system or the amount of resources to be used for Parimatch sport betting. In addition, Parimatch cooperates with organizations specialized on gambling therapy to support sport betting addicts;

Support team is ready to help Parimatch customers 24/7 all year round — On the one hand, a gambler can contact Parimatch for consultation. On the other hand, Parimatch provides all the necessary information about responsible gaming and their policies.

Recommendations for customers to make sure they gamble responsibly

First of all, we recommend customers to remember a rule of thumb: Parimatch is a great way to have fun while doing favorite things, and it is not reasonable to consider it a way of income and replace your jobs and works with it. Parimatch wishes that each sport betting gamer experiences positive emotions only. That is why it is not recommended to start playing under the influence of stress and emotionally unstable state. The main thing to remember is simple: Parimatch does not guarantee 100% win-cases. But even if you lose, you are a winner because this entertainment always brings both sweet and bitter tastes of satisfaction.

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