LUXUO’s Living “The Ecoxury Life” Event With Hôtel Des Arts Saigon – Vietnam


In collaboration with Hôtel des Arts Saigon, LUXUO Vietnam hosted its “Living The Ecoxury Life” social gathering on November 16th. Successfully held at the deluxe Social Club of MGallery Hôtel des Art Saigon in Vietnam’s gleaming Ho Chi Minh City,  the ECOXURY by LUXUO launching event has inspired over 30 distinguished guests to embark on a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

With a long-term aim of furthering its environmental message at numerous destinations, Ecoxury by LUXUO was initiated in August 2019 – encompassing five main focal points of discussion. These include; Ecoxury People & Brands, Ecoxury Talk & Workshop, Ecoxury Roadshow, Ecoxury Getaway and Ecoxury Sustainable Local Villages.

Whilst each focal point represents one of five destinations, LUXUO’s “Living The Ecoxury Life” event marks the commencement of the project through an Ecoxury Talk & Workshop – where revered influencers were invited to adopt sustainable lifestyles through organized, in-depth and educational “zero-waste” programs which promote the harmonious coexistence with nature. Takeaways from each program include the knowledge and tools required to proactively practice green living habits, beneficial to saving our environment.

Desiring to paint a sustainable picture both domestically and globally, the Ecoxury People and Brands phase encourages distinguished individuals and brands to share personal stories on sustainability – fostering a sincere and healthy dialogue between the movement’s pioneers and our dedicated LUXUO readers.

In an added effort to preserve the legacies, traditions, bold history and folklore of Vietnam’s innumerable craft villages, the Ecoxury Sustainable Local Villages program utilizes powerful media platforms to remind consumers of the pre-existing sustainable alternatives still available and used in rural areas.

As we know, true sustainability is a steady ascend and perhaps to some… a state of mind. Despite this, LUXUO remains eager to actively engage Vietnam’s local communities across Saigon and into provinces such as Can Tho, Cam Ranh, Hanoi, and Phu Quoc – through hosting a multitude of events, workshops, and roadshows. The Ecoxury Getaway program features on-site, hands-on opportunities for Vietnam’s lifestyle influencers to experience the positively fulfilling energy which accompanies sustainable practices. Encouraged to participate in activities alongside the resort’s local residents, influencers are exposed to new well-based lifestyles and eco-friendly products.

The ECOXURY by LUXUO collaboration with Hôtel des Arts Saigon MGallery will not end just yet. The hotel can be expected to continue co-organizing both practical and serious-content workshops on going-and-living-green.

LUXUO Vietnam would like to graciously thank Hôtel des Arts Saigon MGallery for its strategic partnership in this worthy cause and invites readers from all walks of life to join in on its journey toward sustainability.

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