Grey’s Anatomy Round Table: McWidow, Baby Angst, & Stupid Love Triangles!


We have a lot to process before Grey’s Anatomy returns in January. 

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Episode 9, Bailey experienced an unfortunate loss, Meredith may have found he romantic match, and Amelia’s baby might belong to Owen.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey and Jasmine Blu, and Grey’s Fanatic Berea Orange for the final Grey’s Round Table of the year.

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What’s your first impression of McWidow? Is he a better fit for Mer than DeLuca?

Meaghan: I don’t know if it is the accent or the extremely self-assured attitude, but I’m all about it. Meredith needs someone who is at a more similar point in their life, and McWidow is just that.

Also, given that Cristina sent him Meredith’s way, it is clear he is going to be a good match because she knows Mer better than anyone.

Berea: I think it’s too early to say whether or not he’s a better fit for Meredith. He’s definitely handsome, and I like him so far. I haven’t felt like she and Deluca will be long term, but they might find their way back to each other. I’m interested to see how McWidow will factor into this Merluca angst.

Jasmine: I liked him instantly. He’s a lovable asshole. He has an accent, he’s hot, and he’s NOT going to kiss Meredith’s derriere. Sign me up.

While it would’ve been a nice, unexpected twist if he showed interest in someone else (like Maggie, maybe), I do think he and Mer had a nice rapport they can build something on. He has kids, lost his wife, established himself in his career, and he respects Meredith’s skills, but he’s not the hero-worship type.

He works for me. I much prefer McIrish over McWidow, though.

Bailey tragically miscarried just as she was getting used to the idea of having a baby. React.

Meaghan: Bailey wasn’t the only one who had just gotten used to the idea of her having a baby; I was finally on board and so excited for her and Ben. I’m not happy about this at all, especially given where it seems like they might be taking this storyline.

Bailey lying about the baby to Amelia, feels like a sign of things to come. I think we are about to see crazy Bailey make a return. It feels like the only reason that they would have even done this storyline.

Berea: Sigh. This makes me so sad for her, but I saw this coming a mile away. I have been saying all along that this would happen, so I didn’t get invested.

There was no way that after Teddy’s healthy birth we would get two more healthy births. Amelia has already gone through the loss of a child, so they would not do that to her again.

That just leaves Bailey to go through it, unfortunately. I don’t really like how it was done, though.

It happened so quickly; we barely got to register what was happening. And I REALLY hate how Bailey immediately decided to go back to work.

We’ve seen this many times over past seasons — how the women on this show don’t take the time to process these tragic losses. I would have liked for her to go home with Ben and really feel this loss. But also, I recognize this may be a coping mechanism so she can avoid feeling that pain. This may be a catalyst for another OCD flare-up.

Jasmine: I was adamantly against the season of babies, and part of the reason was THIS. We knew something like this would happen. They weren’t going to have three healthy and problem-free babies.

Bailey was the first choice for a problem-pregnancy or miscarriage, and I’m upset about this. She’s having an awful season, and I hate it. I do think it’s unfortunate how many of the women don’t have space or time to process things.

Ben: What happened? Miranda?!
Captain Hererra: I’ll be right outside if you need me.
Carina: I am so sorry.

April and Jo had multiple episodes to fall apart and then pull themselves back together, but Maggie and Bailey jump back into the fold without processing, not really.

It’s still early, though. Only time will tell how this will affect Bailey (and Ben), and I didn’t even think about her OCD flaring up.

How do you feel about Amelia’s baby possibly being Owen’s and not Link’s?

Meaghan: I’m LIVID with the writers. I’m over this type of storytelling on Grey’s. It isn’t satisfying drama. It is frustrating and makes me question whether they have anything left in the tank.

Link and Amelia have been one of the highlights of the season, and if they ruin it like this, I won’t be very forgiving.

Miranda: Best way to fight fear is with information, you can’t fix what you don’t know.
Amelia: Pregnancy club just got less fun.

Berea: I despise it. I’m so sick of Owen, and I want Amelia to be free of him and happy with Link. At the end of the day, Grey’s is just a primetime soap opera, and this is a classic soap trope.

The question of paternity will be a source of drama for Amelink AND Towen. I think it’ll cause Teddy to question Owen’s devotion to her given his reaction. I hope that the baby will be Link’s and that Owen’s reactions will make Teddy realize what a mistake she made in choosing him over Tom.

Jasmine: Whooo, yes, Meaghan! LIVID is the word. It’s classic soapy drama Grey’s is known for, but Amelia and Link are hands down the best part of the season, and this was so freaking unnecessary.

I promise you we would have happily watched them navigate their new relationship, pregnancy, and a baby and been entertained without this. Why can’t they let Amelink be great?

Are you surprised that Maggie quit? Does it concern you that no one questioned it or checked in with her?

Meaghan: Not at all. I knew Maggie was going to be shaken to her core and that she wouldn’t be able to cope.

I am slightly surprised that no one cared enough to try to stop it. However, the doctors at GSM tend to be self-absorbed, so I’m sure no one even thoroughly registered the fact.

Berea: I’m not at all surprised Maggie quit. I knew she would be going through this downward spiral after losing Sabi. We’ve seen many doctors on the show go through this before. I’m looking forward to how Kelly portrays this, and Maggie getting through it.

I don’t think I can say just yet that no one tried to stop her. No one she’s close with even knew. She just walked out of the room and told Tom – who I wouldn’t say is a friend – but Tom did try and convince her otherwise.

However, I have not seen a steady support system for Maggie this season. We’ve seen her stand-in for Meredith when she got arrested. She was standing up for Amelia against Teddy and Owen when they were keeping the baby a secret. But we aren’t seeing anyone there for her so far.

I had a bad feeling. I can’t be a surgeon if I don’t trust my own gut.


She and Richard have never really been close, but he excluded her from Sabi’s funeral unfairly (although I can understand Sabi’s dad not wanting her there). I haven’t seen anyone else notice how down she is other than Jackson, which was sullied by him trying to kiss her and reminding her he was in “a thing” with Vic.

She and Jackson broke up, and we don’t see her sisters standing up for her.

I at first didn’t think that was a big deal until this episode when Amelia tells Link “[DeLuca] broke up with my sister and you put him on your service?” So she can do this for Meredith, but not Maggie? I take even more issue with it considering Amelia is closer to Maggie than she is Meredith, but I digress.

Jasmine: I’m not surprised she quit. She’s struggling; the OR was the one place that always made sense to her, and her skills were what she was most confident in, but it’s not the case anymore.

I found it odd that no one prodded her about this. They have lost a lot of doctors when they fired Mer, Richard, and Alex. Others have gone to Pac-North.

You don’t just let your Chief of Cardio (who you know experienced a loss) walk away without trying to have a sit down with them or something. Within seconds Tom made Teddy Chief of Cardio like it was nothing.

Jo kind of kidnapped a baby. Thoughts? How will Alex react?

Meaghan: Raise your hand if you saw that coming the second she held that baby! Alex is going to be trying to figure out what he did in a past life to continuously have the women he loves lose their shit.

Berea: I mean. As soon as I read the synopsis that Jo will be volunteering with Safe Haven, my first thought was that she’d be keeping that baby.

I don’t think Jo is “losing her shit” necessarily, though. Of all these couples who deserve a baby now, Jolex is it. Considering what Jo has gone through and knowing how her mother gave her up, it is to be expected that she wants to take a child in who won’t have to grow up the way she did.

Jasmine: Yeah, my hand is raised high. No way Jo was going to volunteer for that and not pull a classic Jo move. You can’t just take the baby home; it’s not like the movies.

Alex, assuming they bother showing him at all, is going to wonder if he carried home that burial ground curse. He’ll go into “fix-it” mode.

Has the Richard/Catherine/Gemma fiasco gone on for too long?

Meaghan: Yes. If Richard could just decide to cheat on Catherine or tell Gemma to take a hike, I would really appreciate it. The plotline isn’t interesting enough to take up the amount of screen time it is.

You had another girlfriend before the body is barely even cold.


Berea: I don’t believe Richard will cheat this time. But knowing how Gemma feels and how she hit on him already, he needs to step back.

But Catherine needs to communicate, also (like mother like son, I suppose) instead of assuming Richard is cheating.

All of this could get cleared up with a conversation. But their break in communication started with his firing, and there is a good chance he is subconsciously entertaining Gemma because he is still mad.

Jasmine: I agree that he won’t cheat, and he’s entertaining Gemma due to his anger. However, the storyline isn’t interesting enough for the series to focus on it for so long.

Plus, they’re relying too heavily on one of the most contrived tropes: poor communication.

What was your favorite moment from the episode? Least favorite?

Meaghan: Favorite moment goes to Mer schooling McWidow when it turned out she was right and their patient did not have cancer.

Least favorite goes to Amelia’s baby possibly being Owen’s. The Amelia and Owen drama has run its course, and they are just beating a dead horse bringing it back in again when they are both finally happy.

Berea: My favorite moment was the look on Catherine’s face when she got out of that truck and saw Jackson and Vic. Jackson let go of her so fast and Vic had to introduce herself to Catherine.

That tells me all I need to know about the future of that relationship. Also, I loved Catherine asking her if Station 19 is a news station. She knows she saw that uniform!

Vic: I’m Victoria Hughes, Station 19.
Catherine: What is that a TV channel?

Least favorite was finding out Amelia could be carrying Owen’s kid. He was begging for kids for the longest, and now he may have three. Why do the writers love him so much?

Jasmine: My favorite was McWidow acting like he didn’t know who Meredith was and not being impressed by her. Also, I laughed out loud for a long time after Catherine’s shady comment about Station 19 being a TV station.

Hayes: Who are you exactly?
Mer: Meredith Grey Chief of General Surgeon.
Hayes: Oh, Grey. I’ve heard of you. You’re the one who got yourself and half the staff fired yeah?

My least favorite, along with everyone else, is the Owen and Amelia love child fiasco.

Is there anything else you’d like to briefly address that wasn’t covered in the questions?

Meaghan: Was I the only one who let myself get my hopes up that Cristina was about to make a surprise appearance? I thought that she was going to be the present, and I was slightly devastated when I realized it wasn’t her. She has been coming alive through texts recently, and it has made me miss her that much more.

Listen, Dr. Whoever you are, this is my house. You’re a guest in my home. I got this.


Berea: I am not that into the texts from Cristina. She has moved on, and Sandra Oh is not coming back, except maybe in the final season/series finale. But I guess they are best friends, so she should be reasonably mentioned here and there.

I think they are really pushing the Station 19 crossovers on us. It’s the reason Jackson and Vic are dating now. Everyone from the station was in this episode to prepare us for the crossover almost like a backdoor pilot. I was excited about the crossovers until they ruined Jackson and Vic’s characters to make it happen.

Jasmine: Can someone put out a BOLO for Justin Chambers? Why is he so absent this season? Jo has improved over the past couple of seasons, and she’s had some great storylines, but she’s not a substitute for Alex just because she’s an extension of him.

Even when Alex is present, he doesn’t feel like he’s all there What the heck is going on? Also, I miss the friendships. As someone who would take friendships over romantic ‘ships 1000% of the time, I’m barely fed with these scraps they’re given us here and there.

What would you grade the first half of the season? What do you hope or expect to see when the series returns?

Meaghan: C+/B-. It has had some good moments, but they have been overshadowed by the bad. All I hope for the second half of the season is that they can find a way to get back to what made Grey’s great in the first place.

They have created great characters, and they need to just let them breathe instead of relying on bombshells and twists to keep the show interesting.

Berea: The first half of the season gets a C+ and that passing grade is due to the nostalgic 350th episode and Amelink. Everything else has room for improvement.

I need to see a support system for Maggie. I need Owen in more than one therapy session. Catherine and Richard need to communicate. Teddy needs to go back to Tom. A lot of wishful thinking though.

Xander: Can you wait right here while I page Dr. Webber, he was having coffee with his life, and I don’t want to interrupt him.
Catherine: I am his wife.

Jasmine: C+ sounds about right. Unless there’s something meaningful planned to explore the flawed healthcare system, I’d rather they drop it altogether. It flopped.

Teddy needs something beyond complaining about motherhood. I hope they drop the Omelia baby thing and focus on Amelia and Link trying to be a healthy, happy couple. I suppose it’s too late to wish they explored Amelia’s bisexuality they teased but never did anything with at all.

Hopefully, Maggie catches a break at some point, and I do hope for something spectacular for her. I’m looking forward to more McWidow and what he has to offer. More friendship and sisterhood, and more Alex.

Over to you, Grey’s Fanatics.

What are your thoughts? Hit the comments below. 

Grey’s Anatomy returns Thursday, January 23 at 9/8c on ABC.

Jasmine Blu is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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