A Deliciously Stuffed Guide To Going To The Movies This Thanksgiving Holiday


Thanksgiving is upon us – and for a lot of us, this means we’ll get to finally enjoy some time off to feast with family and friends. The holiday is also the perfect time to get caught up on the season’s most exciting releases while they are still in theaters! There are so many. Everything you can think of is on the menu on the big screen right now and it’s time to dig in!

This year, we’ve already set the table for you. Check out what you should go see on the Thanksgiving holiday based on your particular appetite:

If You’re Looking To Feel As Mushy (And Delightful) As Mashed Potatoes

To many, the Thanksgiving holiday is all about being around those you love and taking the time to look around and gather up what you’re grateful for. For this purpose, A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood is the perfect movie to go out to see. America’s Sweetheart Tom Hanks played another beloved icon in the fabric of pop culture: Mister Rogers.

Based on a true story, A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood follows journalist Tom Junod (Matthew Rhys) as he’s assigned to write a cover story on the children’s television show host. The two form a unique friendship and Junod repairing a strained relationship with his father (Chris Cooper). The joyous biopic is perfect to take the whole family, get all teary-eyed, walk out inspired off to offer up bear hugs and kindness.

For Skipping Boring “Back In The Day” Discussions And Getting To the Action

There’s also a quality to the coming holiday tied to nostalgia. Family and friends often get in the mood to tell old stories (you’ve probably heard every year) and talk about the good ‘ole days. If you’re not in the mood for it, excusing yourself from the table is a tough nut to crack. So, what do you do? How about taking your chatty uncle to James Mangold’s Ford v Ferrari?

The thrilling race car movie is about American car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) as they challenge their Ford at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1966. It’s a true story about American innovation and inspiration starring two of Hollywood’s most well-known talents.

If The Kids Won’t Stop Singing “Into The Unknown” At The Table

Of course, the most popular pick in theaters now is undoubtedly the long-awaited sequel to Disney’s phenomenon, Frozen. You may want to buy your tickets ahead of time for the one because theaters are going to be packed with families all driven by the same idea: their kids want to see it!! Or maybe you’re emotionally invested in Elsa and Anna’s journey? Come on, the songs are catchy, those sisters are badass! Why not see Frozen II?

The new Disney movie follows the sisters of Arendelle as they set out on a brand new adventure that will connect them to their family’s past and Elsa’s mysterious ice powers. Olaf is back, Kristoff is planning a wedding proposal to Anna and there are new characters. You’ll be singing the songs as you leave the theater and probably picking apart its somewhat confusing plot!

If Thanksgiving Somehow Turns Into Date Night

Now, not every Thanksgiving turns out to be all that traditional. Sometimes it’s just not viable to go out to see the family. Or you’re not in the area. Perhaps, you have work earlier in the day, but still want to take advantage of the holiday in the evening. In these cases, check out Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith in Queen & Slim!

The thrilling drama follows a couple who have an awkward first date in a diner in Hollywood after matching on a dating app. On the drive home, they are pulled over by a police officer which sets off a series of events that tie their futures together. The movie is stylish, gripping and has a powerfully relevant story.

If You’re Totally Here For Big Family Drama… Just Not At The Dinner Table

Depending on your own family dynamics, Thanksgiving can either induce a lighthearted smile or send suspenseful chills down your spine. If it’s the latter, you might get a kick out of Rian Johnson’s Agatha Christie-inspired whodunit, Knives Out. The modern murder mystery revolving around Daniel Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc as he investigates the death of a patriarch (Christopher Plummer).

Knives Out features an incredible ensemble cast including Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon and Toni Collette as each family member are named suspects. Each character may remind you of a relative of your own. It’s like you already paid them a visit and let yourself off the hook from any unneeded drama!

If You’ve Tired Out The ‘90s Action Re-Runs And Want To See Newer Action

Thanksgiving is also the perfect day to just indulge in comfort food, take some time to kick your feet up and enjoy some mindless entertainment too! We all have classics we often gravitate too for the holiday. But there’s a couple options out there that mix a bit of old and a bit of new and offer a fun time at the movie theaters. Check out Charlie’s Angels or 21 Bridges!

If You’re That Neighbor That Does All Their Christmas Decorating On Thanksgiving

Then there are those who go straight for the excitement of Christmas just as Thanksgiving hits (or even before then). You know who you are: I see you sneaking peppermint in your coffee and getting all your shopping done before December 1 hits. You don’t get the point of Thanksgiving, because it’s just not the same as the jolly holiday. So, if you’re already untangling the lights and dusting off the decorations, Last Christmas is the movie for you.

Starring Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke and Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding, Last Christmas is a fun rom-com to get you in the holiday spirit early and get the George Michael’s holiday tune it’s named after stuck in your head. It’s comfy and predictable, but hey – so are the holidays!

So many options, so little time! What will you go see this Thanksgiving? Sound off in the comments!

Which movie will you go out to see this Thanksgiving holiday?

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