Vin Diesel Teases 12th Fast and Furious Movie


Fast X may not be the penultimate entry in the Fast and Furious franchise after all. During a red carpet interview at the film’s world premiere in Rome, Vin Diesel appeared to confirm that Universal Pictures is considering a 12th movie.

When the face of the franchise was asked about its future, Diesel initially said he wanted to avoid “tipping the hat too much” before teasing the three-act finale. “Going into making this movie, the studio asked if this could be a two-parter,” Diesel said. “And after the studio saw this Part One, they said, ‘Could you make Fast X, the finale, a trilogy?’”

“It’s three acts in any story,” co-star Michelle Rodriguez added. Host Naz Perez followed up by asking if they were “confirming right now that we’re getting a third movie,” but the actors scurried away after Diesel quipped, “You’re gonna get me in trouble here.”


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See what Diesel had to say below around the one-hour mark.

Just three months ago, Diesel complained during a different red carpet interview that it was “so hard to continue [the] mythologies” of the franchise and said he relates to J.R.R. Tolkien’s creation of the epic Lord of the Rings series. However, money talks, and family is forever.

Fast X is out on May 19th. Check out the latest trailer below.

Diesel recently wrapped up his role as Groot in Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but has another sequel in the works: He’ll return as the titular character in Riddick: Furya, the fourth film in the Pitch Black franchise.

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