Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 3-13-23: A Long-Awaited Couple Returns, and They’re Not the Only Ones!


This is not a drill, Bope fans.

Since Bo died of a brain tumor in 2015, fans have hoped he’d be among the magically resurrected. Beyond Salem 2 set the groundwork for Bo to return to Salem and reunite with his “Fancy Face.”

And on Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-13-23, both halves of the legacy couple return to the canvas!

It won’t be easy for Bo and Hope to get back together. That would be boring!

While there’s no word yet on how long the legacy couple will be on Days of our Lives, we don’t expect their story to be wrapped up as soon as it begins.

What we know so far: Megan has Bo, along with Kayla, Marlena, and Kate, and Steve finds Hope while searching for the evil Dimera heiress.

The missing ladies will likely find Bo. They’re being held in the same place, and Kayla and Marlena will search for Kate after she disappears, while Bo is in a separate room and desperate to get out.

The biggest question here is why Megan needed the three women. It gives their husbands a reason to track Megan to her hideaway, but that’s not good enough.

A bigger plan needs to be in place involving Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. So far, we haven’t gotten any clues as to what it is.

This huge story features several other returns. As the story heats up, Paul, Andrew, Ben, and Ciara will appear.

Since Andrew is returning, it would be nice if Theresa made a guest appearance too. Just saying.

Andrew and Paul will help Steve and John with their search. There’s also trouble in paradise for the two young men, who began a relationship at the end of Beyond Salem 2.

Robert Scott Wilson will reprise the role of Ben, but will that mean a break from Alex, or will he play a dual role? And will he address the deaths of Jake and (allegedly) Marlena, the two people Ben was closest to?

Please scroll down to check out all eight spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-13-23.

EJ and Nicole’s plan backfires.

Unsurprisingly, all the switching drugged drinks back and forth works out poorly for EJ and Nicole.

Either Shin will get the drugged drink, or EJ will. Either way, Stefan can put a win in his column.

Afterward, EJ and Stefan again agree to a truce, promising not to drug or mess with each other. But we’ve heard all that before, and both men would be wise to distrust the other’s word.

Gwen and Alex share their misery over drinks.

Ugh. In Salem, sharing misery over drinks almost always leads to the bedroom.

Gwen’s position as the new owner of the Spectator, while Alex is desperate to save Bella Magazine, makes this hookup a doubly bad idea.

While it’s unclear how yet, these two will undoubtedly join forces and cause trouble for the people in their way.

Belle and Sloan team up.

This spoiler gets the headscratcher award of the week!

Belle refused to represent Eric. Sloan may or may not be playing him to get revenge. And the two lawyers hate each other!

So why are they teaming up, and are they really on the same side?

Li appeals to Gabi’s ambition.

According to spoilers, Li will make progress by speaking to Gabi’s desire for power.

It makes sense. She doesn’t love Li but is willing to put up with his nonsense to get his shares and a vote on the Dimera board.

Let’s hope Gabi doesn’t fall for Li while playing him. He doesn’t deserve her.

Alex rips into Leo.

After sleeping with Gwen, Alex thinks he has the right to talk to her platonic soulmate any way he wants.

He’s probably pissed that Lady Whistleblower put his sexual exploits in the Spectator. He isn’t scoring points this way.

Whose side will Gwen take? She and Leo often fight and make up, but Alex isn’t worth a new rift with her bestie.

John and Steve visit family to get help with finding Megan.

John will visit Paul while Steve goes to Andrew.

John/Paul scenes are always fun, and Christopher Sean is one of Days’ most-missed alums. And Andrew is a severely underused character who has been MIA for too long.

Will either of these guys realize that the women are still alive? John and Steve want revenge on Megan, but they need to rescue their wives!

Steve and John run into Hope.

By the end of Beyond Salem 2, Hope was ready to bring Megan to justice after Megan forced Harris to attempt to kill Hope on their wedding day!

She and Steve are probably following the same trail.

Recently, Julie said Hope couldn’t come to the ladies’ funerals because she was coaching ice skaters — was that a cover story? And how will Steve react to learning his old friend is on the same secret mission he is?

Marlena and Kayla discover another prisoner at Megan’s hideaway.

Marlena and Kayla will be more resourceful than usual, a refreshing change from the damsel in distress trope Marlena often falls into.

While searching for Kate, they’ll find a fourth cryogenic chamber, but will they find Bo?

And where is Kate? Did she escape without them, or did some further calamity befall her?

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