Pixelmator Pro For Mac Is Now Better Than Ever, And On Sale


One of the best Mac apps, Pixelmator Pro, received a big upgrade recently and it’s also currently available to buy through the App Store at 50-percent off. Whether looking for photo retouching, graphic design, or a Photoshop stand-in, Pixelmator Pro can handle almost anything and has AI and ML enhancements to work some extra magic.

Apple has a long history of making computers and software that handles design work well, with an attention to accurate color reproduction and streamlined, fuss-free workflows. The phrase, ‘It just works,’ is especially true when apps follow Apple’s guidelines. Pixelmator Pro is a good example of a Mac-centric app, allowing the use of some of its features from within the Photos app or a Finder window, along with compatibility with Apple Script and Shortcuts to automate complicated workflows.

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Pixelmator Pro is currently on sale for just $20 at the App Store, an incredible bargain for a fantastic app. Pixelmator Pro has the ability to edit photos and images using vector shapes, layers, styles, and effects, much like Photoshop. It can even read and write Photoshop PSD files. The latest version adds AI-powered masking and background removal that is quite impressive, taking just a few clicks to get a nice selection, with plenty of options to refine difficult images with hair or fur over textured backgrounds. Extracted images sometimes have fringes of background color at the edges and Pixelmator Pro can ‘decontaminate’ the object for a clean silhouette.

Pixelmator Pro And Apple Silicon

Pixelmator Pro was among the first apps to support Apple’s M1 chip and the company keeps adding more features to take advantage of the high performance of Apple’s newest hardware. Machine learning enhanced Super Resolution allows images to be scaled without pixelization, along with several more essential features. XDR displays are supported, as well as the P3 color gamut in the new MacBook Pro. RAW and ProRaw photos can be edited, allowing accurate display for any screen. Soft proofing can also be done for the CYMK colors used in print work.

Non-destructive editing is the default in Pixelmator Pro, so it’s easy to tweak and refine an image for the perfect look. It’s an all-around great graphic design and photo editor with plenty of special effects in its toolbox to make images stand out. The latest version of Pixelmator has the codename Abracadabra, which seems fitting given the magic it can perform on images. The Mac app is normally $40, so the current $20 means now is a good time to order Pixelmator Pro as an early holiday treat.

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Source: Apple, Pixelmator

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